Biography of
Marko Gorjanc

Marko Gorjanc is the laboratory assistant at the Laboratory for Industrial Electronics and Computer Integreated Manufacturing where he takes care of laboratory equipment and material. His important role is also in practical aspects of realization of a variety of laboratory projects.

His interest in electronics began when he was still a child. During primary school he joined the technical club “Technics and Construction” where he was inspired in joining the radio amateurs. He took necessary courses and passed the exams to work on a variety of radio amateur frequencies. He is a member of a radio amateur club that is located in the city of Logatec; his call sign is S57MG. After finishing electricity high school he served in the army where he was working with telecomunication equipment. In the spare time he is reading technical magazines and other literature. He is the owner of the radio amateur station KENWOOD TH-D72E. Most of the time he is active on VHF and UHF bands.

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